Kingsdown Full Mattress

Kingsdown Full Mattress

Quality of life is all about quality of sleep. That’s what makes the Kingsdown difference. Every Kingsdown product, including their top-of-the-line full size mattress lineup, is rigorously tested to ensure uncompromising quality. From the manufacturer to our Sit ‘N Sleep superstore, a Kingsdown mattress goes through a full and thorough inspection.


The complete line of full mattresses from Kingsdown is perfectly aligned for you. Kingsdown uses a body profile database with nearly 10 million entries, which means every possible spinal alignment scenario – including yours – is covered. The result is a soft yet supportive sleeping surface that feels like it was designed specifically for you! And with a Kingsdown full mattress, you really will enjoy customized comfort. If you’re searching for something bigger than your twin mattress and are not quite ready for a queen size bed, stop by any of our Southern California mattress galleries and inspect a Kingsdown full size mattress for yourself.


From the company’s 1904 founding in North Carolina to the present-day ethos of “Sleep, Made Smarter,” Kingsdown’s commitment has always been the same: to produce a superior full mattress that our customers always come back to.


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Why choose a Kingsdown full mattress? The company’s employee-owned culture puts you first. Without investors and other middle men to get in the way, Kingsdown puts leading sleep technology and time-honored mattress craftsmanship right into your bedroom. Shop our full size Kingsdown mattresses, either online or in-store.


Isn’t it time you experienced the kind of sleep only Kingsdown full mattresses can provide? We think so. Sit ‘N Sleep carries an unbeatable variety of Kingsdown mattresses, so stop by any of our mattress superstores – we have plenty of locations throughout the region, so you’re never more than a quick drive away. Additionally, our Kingsdown full size mattress specialists are available to field questions or suggest a particular model at (800) 908-0354.


At Sit ‘N Sleep, our goal is to find you a Kingsdown full mattress with the best customer service experience possible.