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iSeries Queen Mattress

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iSeries Queen Mattress


Sit ‘n Sleep offers you a wide selection of the innovative iSeries queen mattresses from Serta, designed to deliver the benefits of memory foam with the comfort and support of a traditional innerspring. These unique hybrid mattresses brings you the cradling and cooling comfort of a memory foam sleep surface, while offering individualized stability to reduce disturbance for you and your sleep partner. Discover why more people are choosing the iSeries queen mattress for their sleep experience, and find exceptional deals with the unbeatable prices of Sit ‘n Sleep.


Designed to work well with all body types, the iSeries queen size mattress features an individually wrapped coil support system, helping to provide balance across the entire mattress. The iSeries queen size mattress line also features the patented Cool Action gel memory foam technology of Serta, which incorporates their MicroSupport gel with the cooling comfort of MicroCool gel.


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Sit ‘n Sleep offers a range of styles and designs from Serta, so you can find the iSeries queen mattress that’s perfect for you. Consider the Vantage series, which features a variety of remarkable innovations, including an additional layer of Cool Action gel memory foam for cool, comfortable and targeted support. And additional layer of Serta PillowSoft foam also helps to cradle the contours of your body for an enhanced cushioning effect.


The Prominence line from the iSeries queen mattress collection also includes all of the incredible benefits of the other iSeries designs, such as the Cool Action dual memory foam, responsive EverFeel memory foam, individually wrapped Duet Coils, with the added benefit of a soft pillow top designed to reduce even more pressure.


Sit ‘n Sleep is proud to bring you the a wide selection of the best queen mattresses iSeries offers at prices that you’ll love. You can also pair your iSeries queen size mattress with one of our compatible Serta adjustable foundations to further enhance your sleep experience.


To learn more about which iSeries queen mattress is right for your comfort level and price point, contact us today or visit one of our many locations to experience the comfort and luxury of a iSeries queen size mattress in person. We look forward to helping you find the peaceful and sound sleep that you’ve been searching for.