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iComfort King Mattress

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iComfort King Mattress


Discover the remarkable comfort and support of a iComfort king size mattress at affordable prices from Sit ‘n Sleep. Developed by Serta, the iComfort king mattress offers a revolutionary sleep system that uses their patented Cool Action Gel Memory Foam, the world’s first memory foam that is infused with Serta’s MicroSupport gel to provide support and a cooling touch.


Whether you’re looking for the embracing comfort of a plush iComfort king mattress or the steady support of a firm foundation, Sit ‘n Sleep offers you a wide selection of iComfort king mattresses. Additionally, you can select a Serta Motion Perfect Adjustable Foundation, which enables you to adjust the both the foot and the head of the mattress with a wireless remote.


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While many people have come to love memory foam mattress for their pressure relieving comfort, ability to conform and adapt to the body, and excellent motion separation. However, traditional memory foam technology has remained relatively stagnant over the past 40 years since it was first developed; until now, that is, with the introduction of the iComfort king mattress. Unlike other memory foams that can easily trap heat and make movement difficult during the night, the iComfort king size mattress. Serta's Cool Action material contains millions of MicroSupport gel beads that are infused into their premium, open-cell memory foam to help dramatically increase airflow and wick sweaty heat away from the body.


Explore our wide selection of iComfort king mattresses to find the one that suits your sleep needs. If you’re in search of the pressure-relieving comfort and contouring at the sleep surface, while also receiving support where your body where it needs it, consider the iComfort Insight EverFeel, which offers a medium plush top. If you’re looking to experience total support while being embraced by luxuriously plush comfort, consider the iComfort Prodigy EverFeel. This popular iComfort king size mattress cushions and cradles at the sleep surface and provides a targeted support throughout your body.


In addition to offering an incredibly comfortable and supportive king mattresses, iComfort from Serta is also antimicrobial and dust mite resistant to help protect your mattress and your body from potential allergens.


Browse our great selection of iComfort mattress king sizes and find the comfort and support you’ve been dreaming of. Feel free to contact one of our Sleep Consultants to find out which iComfort king mattress is right for you.