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iComfort Full Mattresses

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ComforPedic Full Mattress


For years, ComforPedic has been a leader in memory foam technology. Their expertise has led to a ComforPedic full mattress with exceptional performance that helps provide cool, comfortable, recharging sleep. Unlike traditional memory foam that is known for a sinking, hard-to-move sensation and heat buildup, the ComforPedic formula not only responds quickly to your movements, but also dissipates heat to help keep you at your body at its ideal sleeping temperature.


With sculpted cushions that independently shape to your body and adjust to your movement for personalized support, a ComforPedic full mattress feels like it was custom tailored to your individual sleep needs. The ComforPedic is an all-foam mattress with special technology that allows for greater airflow and temperature control ensuring relief of pressure points and an optimum body temperature.


ComforPedic technology promotes proper sleep posture and personalized support through hundreds of sculpted cushions found inside the mattress.  These cushions contour independently to your shape and movement for a night of undisturbed sleep.

Marrying pure comfort with excellent orthopedic support, the ComforPedic will have you sleeping comfortably each and every night.


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Sit 'n Sleep is one of the few retailers to carry the revolutionary new ‘iQ’ brand of ComforPedic full mattress from Beautyrest. The Comforpedic full size mattress is the only brand to use the patented, clinically tested smart response technology, which allows the mattress to respond naturally and continuously to the body – without the need of motors, buttons or plugs. The ComforPedic iQ utilizes stateof the art technology to create a customized sleeping environment, unique to each user. Your sleep will never be more comfortable and customized than with the ComforPedic iQ. The practical, effective sleep solution that meets your individual needs is finally here!


The ComforPedic aircool mesh border fabric offers unmatched breathability and airflow as shown in lab tests where this high-tech mesh fabric has provided 20 times better airflow than standard suede. The aircool core is a patented process that releases tension from the base foam to ensure consistent comfort for the life of the mattress.


A ComforPedic full size mattress from Sit ’n Sleep always features the AirCool Memory Foam, a combination of GelTouch for exceptional pressure relief and true temperature technology for cool, comfortable sleep. This luxurious layer helps provide temperature consistency and sleeping comfort by absorbing, storing and releasing heat.


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