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Aireloom King Mattress

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Aireloom King Mattresses


Sit ‘n Sleep helps you get the great night’s sleep that you deserve with our wide selection of Aireloom king mattresses. Each Aireloom king mattress is a handcrafted piece of luxury bedding, designed to offer you the best night's sleep possible. Aireloom’s exclusive, patented construction reacts to your body, providing optimum pressure relief, while dissipating motion. The result is one of the most comfortable mattresses available, for both you and your sleep partner


Since the 1940s, the Aireloom king size mattress has found it’s way into many of the world’s most luxurious homes. Ronald Reagan even insisted that the beds in the White House be supplied with Aireloom's handmade line of mattresses. The Aireloom legacy began in the hands of the third generational owner and for 40 years his goal was to provide a quality sleep system, handmade for superior comfort.


Kluft & Co. a highly regarded maker of some of the world’s finest luxury mattresses currently owns Aireloom. Earl Kluft's "passion for perfection" is the inspiration and motivation towards quality, luxury and comfort. With all natural, latex, hybrid, innerspring and handcrafted mattresses, it's difficult not to find the perfect home sleep system, featuring an Aireloom king size mattress.



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The Aireloom king mattress and box spring both feature high quality construction components and thoughtful design. The construction of each mattress also reflects the company’s dedication to the environment. Aireloom king mattresses feature organic bamboo fabrics, sustainable forest lumber, and soy-based foams, which offer ultimate cooling comfort.


Each design aspect of the Aireloom construction offers the ultimate in comfort and styling. With their king mattresses, Aireloom offers outer tufting done by hand, Tricot quilt fabric, open chamber design, and lumbar support. Additionally, they feature tack and jump quilted borders, self-welted tape edge and hand sewn handles. Sit ‘n Sleep offers you a tremendous selection of Aireloom king mattresses at incredible prices.


One of the most popular king mattresses, the Aireloom Enchanted Series is part of the Platinum Preferred Collection. This bed features the original Streamline™ outer-tufted, handmade design, along with adjustable friendly Support-Flex™ design, offering you both comfort and support.


Sit ‘n Sleep also offers a wide selection from the Aireloom king size mattress Reserve collection, including the Sienna Firm. Sit ‘n Sleep is proud to be one of the select retailers to care this unique Aireloom king mattress, which features a special support system of over 940 English Nested Coils for maximum support and conformability designed for a better sleep for you. The support unit is also zoned in order to give you additional support for your lower back.


If you’re looking for tremendous luxury at a more affordable price, consider one of the excellent king mattresses of the Aireloom Aspire Collection, available from Sit ‘n Sleep in plush and firm.  These mattresses offer much of the same quality, craftsmanship and fine materials synonymous other Aireloom king size mattresses, at a more introductory price-point. Each of the bed’s feature the patented open-chamber construction and a high-density foam core. The beds also feature organic cotton fibers, Airegelle gel foam, and are upholstered in high-end damask.


Sit ‘n Sleep is proud to carry a tremendous selection of Aireloom king mattresses to bring you an unbelievably comfortable and luxurious sleep. To learn more about which Aireloom king size mattress is right for you, contact us today.