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How To Protect Your Mattress

At Sit ‘n Sleep, we’re always stressing the importance of a good night’s sleep. We are continuously trying to keep the public aware of the dangers of dust mites and how a good sleep health not only can help you stay thin but can help improve your on-the-job performance as […]

Is Your Mattress Making You Fat?

You’ve probably heard that not getting enough sleep is bad for you. But did you know that losing sleep might also be causing you to gain weight? Recent medical studies are repeatedly finding a connection between sleep duration and weight gain. You can read below more about how sleep affects […]

The History Of Pillows

How easy it is to take for granted the small things we enjoy every day. Most people couldn’t comprehend life without a TV remote control let alone no TV at all. But what if your pillow was a rock? No, not metaphorically hard as a rock but an actual rock? […]

The History Of The Teddy Bear

What has helped more children get a good night’s rest than just about anything over the last century? The teddy bear. Teddy bears have not only helped kids get to sleep they’ve also taken the role of best friend, ally and confidante and have helped them feel secure in the […]

Sleep Health: A Look At Sleep Apnea

Affecting over 12 million Americans, sleep apnea is a debilitating health condition. Due to a lack of public awareness and the fact that apnea events occur during sleep, millions suffer from it without even knowing. It can severely disturb a person’s life and due to a lack of public awareness […]

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