Three elements are essential for a comfortable, restful sleep. The first two consist of a firm, supportive mattress and the right pillow for your preferred sleeping position (side, back or stomach). The third element, of course, is the sheets you sleep on. After all, these are the part of the bedding that directly contact your skin. So it’s important to choose bed sheets that give you the most comfortable sleep each night.

At Sit ‘n Sleep, we always have your comfort in mind. Which is why we offer a generous selection of quality sleep sheets from some of the top names in the industry, including PureCare®, Dreamfit, and Legget and Platt.

Two Types of Bed Sheets

There are two basic types of sheets for beds: flat and fitted. The fitted sheet goes directly on top of the mattress, and uses elastic around the four corners to keep the sheet tightly in place. The flat sheet then goes on top of the fitted sheet and is usually only tucked into the foot of the bed, so it can be easily folded back.

In the old days, sheets were woven primarily from cotton, linen or silk. Today’s sheets can also be made with a wide variety of synthetic materials as well, including satin, rayon, bamboo fiber, and polypropylene. The quality of bed sheets is typically measured by the thread count (number of threads per square inch of material). A higher thread count usually indicates a softer, more comfortable sheet, but other factors can also contribute to the quality of the sheet.

Bed Sheet Shopping Tips

With so many styles, colors, designs and sizes available, choosing the right sleep sheets can sometimes be confusing. Keep the following in mind as you look for new sheets.

  • Get the right size for your bed. This may seem obvious, but some people get so caught up in the design and color that they forget to match the size. If you have a queen bed, get queen-size sheets, and so on.
  • Pay attention to the materials. Synthetic materials may feel sleeker, but they have a tendency to trap heat. Most people consider cotton and other natural materials to be the most comfortable bed sheets, but it all depends on your personal preference.
  • Always wash new sheets before using them.
This will remove any dirt or irritants that may result from the manufacturing and packaging process. It also tends to make the bed sheets softer and more comfortable to sleep on.
  • Clean your sheets frequently.  Once in use, sheets should be washed every seven to 10 days. During hot summer nights or if you tend to sweat at night, wash even more frequently. If you have sensitive skin, use a gentle detergent without added scents or other chemicals.
  • Buy new sheets at least every two years. Quality sheets can last a long time. But after a while they start to look and feel worn. Newer sheets are easier to clean and tend to provide a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Sit ‘n Sleep offers everything from basic sheet ensembles to luxury microfiber sheets and bamboo terrene sheets. You can browse our selection of adjustable bed sheets online or visit one of our many showrooms throughout Southern California. Either way, you’re sure to find a style, color and design that matches your bedroom décor and delivers a great night’s sleep.