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Mattress Protection

Mattress Covers And Protectors

For most people, purchasing a mattress represents a substantial investment. To protect that investment and extend the mattress life, it makes sense to include a mattress cover or mattress protector along with the purchase. As one of Southern California’s leading retailers of beds, mattresses, and sleep accessories, Sit ‘n Sleep’s numerous locations throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire carry a complete range of mattress covers, mattress protectors and pillow protectors. In addition to extending the mattress’s useful life, protective mattress covers can also increase your level of sleep comfort. Other benefits of mattress covers and mattress protectors include:

  • Keeping mattresses clean and sanitary
  • Preserving the mattress’s comfortable, “as new” feeling by creating a physical barrier against moisture
  • Avoiding possible allergic reactions from dust mites and other allergens
  • Preserving the mattress’s warranty by preventing stains

Waterproof Mattress Protectors

Although a vacuum cleaner can remove surface dust and dirt, removing stains is much more difficult, if not impossible. Waterproof mattress covers will protect against stains from food and beverage spills, bodily fluids and perspiration. Waterproof protectors used to keep moisture from entering the mattress are typically flannel pads or tight-fitting fabrics with rubber or polyurethane coatings

Health Benefits of Mattress Covers

Protective mattress covers provide relief to asthma sufferers and others whose respiratory systems are affected by dust mites and allergens. Dust mites live and breed in warm, damp places, such as the interior of unprotected pillows and mattresses. Adding one of Sit ‘n Sleep’s allergen filtration mattress protectors will help keep out mites, bed bugs and other causes of allergic reactions, including mold or mildew. To be fully effective, however, both the mattress and the box spring need to be enclosed on all sides

A great mattress cover is the PureCare® Silver Total Encasement Mattress Protector with MiteTight® seams, OmniGuard® Advance Lightweight Performance Fabric and locking zipper provide the ultimate in mattress protection. Providing a physical barrier against stains and moisture, the six-sided system prevents bed bugs, mites, bacteria, mold, mildew and other allergens from entering the mattress. The Silver Total system is a great choice for innerspring, latex, gel and memory foam mattresses.  

It’s also important to keep moisture and allergens from entering your pillows. The same PureCare® MiteTight® seams, OmniGuard® fabric and locking zipper in PureCare®’s mattress covers are also used in their Pillow Protectors. Endorsed by the Women’s Choice Award and the National Sleep Foundation, PureCare®  Mattress and Pillow Protectors are machine washable.

Some other popular mattress protectors available from Sit ‘n Sleep include:

Acme Linen Fitted Mattress Pad. Protecting against mattress top stains, this economically priced linen pad will rejuvenate your mattress and make it feel like new again. Overfilled for added comfort, the breathable pad is machine washable for years of easy care

PureCare® Aromatherapy Total Encasement Mattress Protector.  In addition to the same outstanding protection against moisture, allergens and bacteria as PureCare®’s Silver Mattress and Pillow Protectors, PureCare®’s Aromatherapy Mattress and Pillow Protectors come with mood calming scented sachets that help induce sound, restful sleep. Sachets last up to three months, and replacement sachets in five different scents are available at all Sit ‘n Sleep retail outlets.  

PureCare® StainGuard® Polyflex Tricot Mattress Protector. Made from polyester tricot fabric, this reasonably priced mattress cover provides one-sided protection that keeps mattress tops clean and moisture free. Available online only, the StainGuard® Mattress Protector also offers some resistance to dust, mites and allergens, and is great choice for guest rooms.

PureCare® Celliant 5 Sided Mattress Protectors. Enveloping your mattress like a fitted sheet, this five-sided, waterproof mattress protector cover helps regulate and maintain optimum body temperature while guarding against stains, allergens, moisture and mildew. Benefits of Cellient 5 Sided Mattress Covers  include shorter physical activity recovery times and overall improved sleep quality. PureCare® Celliant® 5 Sided Mattress Protectors come with a ten-year warranty.

PureCare® StainGuard® Cotton Terry Mattress Protector. These plush cotton terry fabric, one-sided StainGuard® Mattress Covers are another economical means of keeping mattress tops stain-free, while providing limited protection against mites and allergens. As with the PureCare® StainGuard® mattress protectors, StainGuard® cotton mattress covers are an excellent choice for use in guestrooms.

PureCare® FRIO® Cool Pak Kit. FRíO® Mattress and Pillow protector are clinically proven to provide the same outstanding protection against stains, mites and allergens as Purecare’s®  Silver Total Encasement system. Made from FRIO® textile fibers, FRíO® Mattress covers offer the added benefit of preventing the build-up of body heat, resulting in a year round refreshingly cool sleeping surface without affecting the mattress’s comfort and feel. Each FRIO® Cool Pak Kit includes a PureCare® Silver Total Encasement Mattress Cover, a FRIO® five-sided liner pad and either one or two FRIO® Pillow Protectors.

PureCare® Fabrictech International® Box Spring Protector. Providing a mattress’s box spring with six-sided protection against dust, mites, allergens and bacteria, the Fabritech Box Spring Protector is made from a durable, non-woven fabric, and features MiteTight® seams and locking zippers. All Fabritech Box Spring Protectors and PureCare® mattress covers conform to medically recommended anti-allergen standards.

Visit one of our 39 conveniently located Southern California retail outlets for the ultimate in bed protectors. We carry the best mattress protectors and mattress covers that are waterproof. Our friendly Sleep Consultants will be pleased to help you select a mattress cover and pillow protectors that will keep your mattress and pillows clean and free of odors and allergens for years.