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Serta Mattresses

If you haven’t purchased a new mattress in several years, or if you have a hard time falling asleep because your current mattress is uncomfortable, it may be time to upgrade to a better mattress. And there’s no better place to start than with a Serta mattress.

 One of the most recognized names in home furnishing and sleep product brands, Serta is currently the #1 mattress manufacturer in America. Their unrelenting commitment to quality and comfort has made them one of the most prominent names in the mattress industry. All Serta mattresses are build around the belief that everyone is entitled to a great mattress and that falling asleep every night should not be a difficult task. Whether you prefer a firmer Serta mattress without tufts or a softer one with a cushion top, Serta has a style, size and firmness level to meet your every need.

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A History of Innovation

Serta was founded in 1933, when several independent mattress manufacturers joined forces to compete with the name recognition and advertising dollars of emerging national companies. Since that time, Serta has developed a long and storied history of producing mattresses that set new standards in the sleep products industry – including the world’s first-ever tuftless mattress.  Other groundbreaking Serta “firsts” include:

  • 2014 - Serta introduces the all-new comfort series mattresses that feature the innovative breakthrough Cool Action Dual Effects® gel memory foam.
  • 2013 - Serta expands its iComfort® gel memory foam mattress collection by adding four exclusive technologies that balance comfort, support and temperature regulation.
  • 2013 - Serta introduces gel memory foam technology into the innerspring category, thereby combining the Cool Action material with an advanced coil innerspring.
  • 2011 - Serta introduces a breakthrough in memory foam technology with its new iComfort® Sleep System, which provides enhanced cooling comfort and extra support where sleepers need it the most.

Choosing The Right Serta Mattress for You

Today’s Serta mattresses provide three different types of support.

  • Innerspring. This support system is made with a steel coil innerspring support system, with various foams and fibers on top to provide comfort at the surface.
  • Memory foam. This system features an all-foam support core to balance proper support with pressure-relieving comfort. The top layers of the mattress include memory foam, as well as other comfort foams and fibers.
  • Memory foam hybrid. This mattress combines the support of a traditional steel coil innerspring with the comfort of memory foam for a fully supported deeper sleep.

Once you select a support system, you can then choose from four different firmness levels – firm, plush, pillowtop and eurotop. Combining the right firmness level with the optimum support system will give you the comfort and support for your need every night.

The Best Serta Mattress Prices for You

One of the real advantages of buying a Serta mattress is the amazing combination of quality and affordability. Thanks to Serta’s efficient production processes, they are able to offer their innovative mattresses at very affordable prices. If you happen to be shopping for a new mattress during one of Sit 'n Sleep’s Serta mattress sales, stop by one of our conveniently located showrooms and you can save even more on our already low prices.

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