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Dormeo® is reinventing the mattress market with a totally new, breakthrough mattress category - the TRUE HYBRID bed. As the leader and innovator of this new category, we are the first to successfully combine all the benefits of alternative bedding and traditional innersprings - without any of the downsides! Combine this with our patented, body-zoned construction and it's clear that we have truly improved and reinvented mattresses. All to give you night after night of better, deeper sleep.

For years mattresses have been made two ways: With metal springs or with memory foam. So is the tradeoff between the breathability of springs and the conformability of memory foam unavoidable? Designer Willy Poppe had a flash of inspiration: What about a spring made of memory foam? And Octaspring was born.

With all the advantages of both technologies and none of the drawbacks, sleeping on memory foam springs offers the most comfortable night imaginable. Lie on an Octaspring mattress and you'll begin to wonder why someone didn't have the idea sooner. Until you start drifting off to sleep.

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