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Beautyrest Ansleigh

Gentle AirCoolT Memory Foam and our newest foam designs ensure the ultimate in luxury and performance.

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Mattress Overview

Mattress Overview

Alternating layers of Beautyrest® Smart ResponseT and Advanced Pocketed Coil® springs combine two sophisticated technologies to create a progressive level of personalized back support. The Beautyrest Recharge Sleep System provides superior freedom of movement and pressure point relief, promoting Proper Sleeping PostureT all night long. And to ensure a cooler, more comfortable sleep, our AirCoolT Design helps to dissipate heat and deliver improved airflow.

Mattress Type
Innerspring Mattress

The support structure of innerspring mattresses is constructed using wire coils which can be made for firmer or softer support depending on their gauge. Because the coils are placed evenly throughout the mattress, an innerspring mattress has a strong border that prevents the “roll out” effect. A border wire attached to the perimeter coils help to retain the shape of the mattress and reduce sagging.

Comfort Level
Plush Mattress

Plush mattresses are great for individuals looking for a cushioned, cradling sleep. The myth that firmer is better has long been proven invalid as each person's body has its own comfort level. Plush mattresses offer maximum cushioning, and Sit 'n Sleep carries a variety of Plush mattresses to provide you with the ultimate sleep experience.



AirCoolT Design - AirCoolT Mesh Border - AirCoolT Memory Foam - AirCoolT BeautyEdge

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