What is Lease-To-Own Financing?

Financing is something people usually think of as reserved for new cars or other large purchases. But Sit ‘n Sleep now offers lease-to-own financing that allows customers more flexibility in the mattress payment options they choose. If you’ve got less than perfect credit, or simply want a financing option that makes your new mattress a better fit for your budget, lease-to-own financing may be for you:

What is Lease-to-Own Financing?What does lease-to-own mean?

Lease-to-own financing means that a customer can lease a mattress, make payments on it, and eventually own the mattress. Mattress buyers are obligated to buy the mattress, but it makes the initial purchase easier since the full purchase price isn’t required right away. All that’s necessary to pay is $40 as an initial payment that must be in cash or check. 

How can I qualify?

The great thing about this financing option is that there’s no credit check needed. So if you have a less than stellar credit history, it won’t affect your new mattress purchase. However, there are a few other requirements. You must be employed for 6 months at the same company, have an open and active checking account for 3 months that ends in a positive balance, and have a gross income of at least $1250 per month or before taxes.

During the process, you must bring in a valid photo ID, your most recent 30-day bank statement, a voided check or complete bank verification form, your pay stub and W-2 form. Along with bringing in a couple forms to prove your qualification, qualifying for the progressive finance lease purchase program is easy!

Why should I finance?

Using this financing plan is a smart option for many consumers. It allows customers to purchase the mattress they need, want, and deserve for a price they can afford. If you’ve got less than perfect credit, opting for this financing program is a perfect way to make this important purchase regardless of your credit. It allows you to break up the purchase price into smaller, more affordable payments to meet your budgetary needs while still allowing you to get the best sleep possible on your new mattress.

Sit ‘n Sleep is proud to offer financing options for customers who qualify. The company believes in getting everyone the best night’s sleep for the best price. Lease-to-own financing is just another way that Sit ‘n Sleep provides exemplary customer service, so find out if you qualify today!

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