How Sleep Benefits Your Body in Surprising Ways

How Sleep Benefits Your Body in Surprising Ways

A restful night’s sleep is crucial to our overall health and how we function throughout the day. Sleep is equally as important as eating healthy and exercising, but what you many not know is just how many ways a good night’s sleep helps the body. Contrary to popular belief, our brain isn’t inactive while we sleep. In fact, it’s hard at work making decisions, consolidating memories, creating creative connections, reducing toxins, and storing information.

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What is the Right Bed for You?

What is the Right Bed for You

Did you know we spend an average of 200,000 hours in bed during our lifetime? Therefore, it’s essential you choose the right bed for your individual needs for a restful night’s sleep. Not only is purchasing the right bed a financial investment, but an investment in your health as lack of sleep can increase the risk for many serious medical conditions. Plus, lack of sleep decreases mental and physical performance. Sleep experts recommended to find the right bed to increase your odds of living a healthier and more productive life. Continue reading

How to Save Money Buying a Mattress at Sit ’n Sleep

At Sit ‘n Sleep, we’re dedicated to providing you with the restful night’s sleep you need. We understand that purchasing a new mattress is a big investment; therefore, we offer many great money saving solutions to help you purchase the perfect mattress for a quality night’s rest. Not only do we keep your comfort in mind, but your budget, too. Here are some great ways you can save money on your next mattress purchase at Sit ‘n Sleep.

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By becoming one of our valuated VIP customers, you’ll automatically save $100 on any purchase of $999 or more. When you join our special VIP club, we’ll instantly receive your coupon for $100 to use towards your mattress purchase.

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Quality Sleep May Result in Higher Salary

A good night’s sleep is extremely beneficial for your health, but now it may also be beneficial for your career as well rested people are more valuable in the work force. According to new research, those who are well rested are more productive at work, so you may want to reconsider those long work hours. Not to mention, well rested people tend to think clearer, faster, and have higher levels of creativity when compared to those running off of a ton of caffeine.

Quality Sleep May Result in Higher Salary

Quality Sleep May Result in Higher Salary

By skipping out on a few hours of sleep. Your brain doesn’t have enough time to perform vital maintenance or restoration tasks; thus, resulting in poorer choices and needless risks while working. Sleep deprivation decreases neurobehavioral performance, which has been shown to produce the same results as being drunk. Therefore, if you want to perform better while at work to earn more, you may want to rethink the number of hours you’re sleeping. Continue reading

5 Things You Need to Know When Selecting a Mattress

Comfortable SleepPurchasing a new mattress is a big investment, not only financially but an investment in your quality of sleep. 9 out of 10 Americans attribute the quality of their mattress to the importance of a good night’s sleep. However, selecting the perfect mattress is often a challenging task. When on the hunt for the ideal mattress, there are 5 things you need to keep in mind when making a selection. Continue reading